Fat Free Sticks

Craving Cheese?
33 Calorie Guilt Free
Snack Sticks!

Smart snacking has arrived. Our popular Fat Free cheese is now available in a convenient snack stick size! Each stick contains only 33 calories and zero fat. Great for lunches, hikes, car trips or a quick in-between snack that will get you through the day. Combine with a piece of fruit to create an easy, delicious and healthy snack.

There are six sticks in each bag and each stick comes in an easy peel package so you can bring them just about anywhere. It’s tough to eat smart when you’re on the go...but now with Lifetime Fat Free Snack Sticks you have an intelligent and healthy option.

Fat Free Sticks - Sharp Cheddar


Great with crackers or pretzels for an at work break.

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Fat Free Sticks - Mozzarella


A real kid pleaser! Great for lunches or an inbetween snack.

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Fat Free Sticks - Cheddar


Pair with fruit for a quick heathly snack on your next hike.

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Fat Free Sticks - Swiss


Creamy and delicious. Goes well with all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

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