Cheese with Plant Sterols

A cheese that actively helps you reduce your cholesterol!

This Lifetime Low Fat Cheese contains an amazing ingredient called Plant Sterols. Plant Sterols are derived from plants and are a natural cholesterol reducer. It has been scientifically documented that eating a small amount of Plant Sterols daily along with a healthy diet and exercise can reduce your bad blood cholesterol level 8–15%!

We combined these amazing Plant Sterols with our great tasting Lifetime Low Fat Cheese to produce a real power packed snack! Eating two 1 ounce servings of our cheese daily will meet the recommended amount necessary to receive this amazing cholesterol reducing benefit.

Fat Free Square - Jalapeño Jack


Shred and mix with our Cheddar for awesome enchiladas.

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Fat Free Square - Mozzarella


Shred on spaghetti for a dynamite low fat italian dinner.

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Fat Free Square - Cheddar


Slice on top of a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato.

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Fat Free Square - Swiss


Shred on top of soups and stews for a warm savory meal.

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Fat Free Square - Sharp Cheddar


Try with scrambled eggs and veggies in the morning.

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